Jefferson Flanders

Jefferson Flanders is an author, educator, and independent journalist. During the course of his career, he has been an editor, newspaper columnist, sportswriter, radio commentator, college professor, and publishing executive.

The topics touched upon in Flanders’ writing reflect his broad interests: politics, history, media criticism, education and learning, communications theory, sports, evolutionary biology, and theology, and, in his short fiction, the interior "felt life."

Flanders has taught most recently in the journalism department of New York University, and at Boston University and Babson College. He is also the president of MindEdge, an educational publisher of online courses, and managing director of MindEdge Press.

A graduate of Harvard College, where he earned a degree in history and literature and studied with the poet Robert Fitzgerald, Flanders continued his education at Columbia University.

He is the author of CafĂ© Carolina and Other Stories, The Girl from Recoleta and Other Stories of Love, the novel The Republic of Virtue, and of the Cold War First Trumpet trilogy: Herald Square (described as “well-written, action packed and engrossing” in the Washington Times), The North Building, and The Hill of Three Borders.

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