New York Images: Dodgers vs. Braves and Connie Ryan’s raincoat stunt, 1949

Connie Ryan, raincoat ejection, 1949

On September 29, 1949, the Dodgers and Boston Braves played a crucial doubleheader in the middle of a tight pennant race. The Dodgers won the first game, 9-2. In the second game, the Brooks took an 8-0 lead.

“Under normal conditions the second game never would have gone the legal limit,” the Boston Herald reported. “It rained throughout the game, the infield was muddy and batters on both sides admitted that it was extremely difficult to follow the pitches.”

The Braves Connie Ryan protested having to play in the rain by appearing in the on deck circle with his raincoat on. Umpire George Barr, who was clearly trying to get enough innings played to make the game official, promptly ejected Ryan. The Dodgers swept the doubleheader and moved into first place in the National League.

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